Site Contect Protection (SCP) - this is article copy protection service based on new innovation tecnologies. Using SCP you will not waste time and spend money creating uniq articles thet could be stolen, because It will become technically impossible. In this way, You will protect your copyright and help yourself with site promotion. If you have uniq Articles, which you value, it is time to protect yourself using our service!

Reasons to use this particular service for protection:

  • Protect from all known methods of copying
  • Works in all modern browsers and devices (verified browsers list)
  • Automatically updated
  • The user is not prohibited from selecting text, opening a context menu or using hotkey combinations, such as
    CTRL + A
    CTRL + C
    CTRL + SHIFT + I
  • It is not necessary to prohibit copying the entire page, you can protect its individual blocks at your own discretion
  • Does not prevent indexing content by search engines
  • It is possible to complicate the recognition of text from screenshots in programs such as FineReader
  • Different levels of protection for your needs are implemented
  • To the bonus account is given 2$ with registration so You can use as a trial period on it
  • Links of your sites will be available on page active clients
  • Twenty-four hours online-suppotr


Nagorny Roman
Creator of the service
I agree with people saying that the ideal 100% protection does not exist, but what prevents us from striving for 99.9%?
Attention! The action "Give - take, beat - run"
For you to fully test all the features of the service, daily payment will not be taken until the end of 2017! Register