Ways to copy text and images

  1. Select the desired fragment with the mouse and press the key combination CTRL + C
  2. Select the desired fragment with the mouse and copy it using the «Copy» command of the context menu or the browser menu
  3. Right-click on the image and choose the command «Save as» Or «Copy an image»
  4. Copy / move an image or text using the function Drag & Drop
  5. Save the page in HTML format and use the text editor to copy the required code snippet
  6. Find the desired fragment in the source code of the page
  7. Find the desired code fragment using the browser console by viewing the DOM element tree
  8. Write a javascript that will look for the required DOM elements and, with the help of functions such as «innerText» Or «text», extract their contents
  9. Take a screenshot and recognize the text using programs such as FineReader
  10. Disable javascript in the browser
  11. Print page
  12. Change the User Agent or attempt to crack the built-in security through the browser console